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franchisinghomeThe structure founded in 1983 is used as hotel and motel. Convenience, comfort and privacy are the main services we offer to our clientele. The ultimate level of Hospitality, specially designed architectural settings, originality, innovation and quality of service are the key words to obtain excellent results in the world of hospitality dedicated to wellness.

The FFK is a solution which has been created especially for those entrepreneurs who want to invest in a stable brand and achieve immediate results, concrete and long-lasting, cultivating the passion for hospitality. The know-how of such an original hospitality blended with the Wellness sector is fascinating and can give great professional and economical satisfaction but it is also a complex machine to be organised and managed wisely. The foundations of our success are traced by important and carefully studied choices. To trust a professionally trained expert partner means to reset the risks to zero and guarantee one’s success. A demonstrated back-up to affiliated entrepreneurs with experts in business advice and competence for every entrepreneurial necessity, from the concept to the realisation, to the operational management.

We will always be by your side for:

  • Definition of goals and means necessary to reach them
  • Projection of the structure and lay out of the different areas
  • Choice of the best products and suppliers
  • Organisation
  • Training
  • Supporting and managing the start up
  • Management control
  • Motel management
  • Marketing development

Motel K is characterized by a strong personality from a choreographic and functional point of view. Motel K, has always placed its attention on maintaining high hygiene and health standard, through a good training of the staff and using specific methods and equipment. The secret to a successful business is undoubtedly inextricably linked with the quality of the service, a competitive quality-price ratio and a wide range of offers available for potential clients.

For you, who is thinking of a safe investment; for you who maybe has already been our guest and was impressed at seeing what we were able to build...
For you we are thinking of sharing our technology, our Know-How, the quality of our ideas and the stability of our brand.. In a business where it seems simple to offer a product destined to obtain advantages and income by pleasing simple demands, the Motel K changed the trend. Distinctiveness as a guiding principle.


Gianser S.r.l.
via Ricotti n° 5
Voghera (PV), Italy
P.Iva 02117730180


Motel K
via Valloni n° 8
Casei Gerola (PV), Italy
N  45° 0'21.16" Lat - 45.005884
E   8°55'17.08" Lon - 8.921425

Contact Information

Tel. +39 (0) 383 61821
Cel. +39 (0) 349 4449333
Fax +39 (0) 383 612095
Mail amministrazione:

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